About Blemish

Blemish is a left(ish) field DJ from London who specializes in playing a range of bass and electronic music.  His musical tastes are vast and you will often hear influences from other genres creeping in from various “root” music.  His ability to slide through genres makes his style stand out.

You will find him writing articles and making reviews about hot new tracks from a wide range of producers and record labels. Blemish has a skill in giving information about the producers behind the music and offers a description of the track which is a compelling find.  A real highlight of his reviews are his take on the subject matter, often offering lifestyle advice worthy alone of the listen.

Blemish often appears on radio shows and has recently appeared on BBC 1Xtra and Innov8 Radio.  You can find some extra special mixes uploaded here for listening.  Blemishes mixes are well thought out and cross genre effortlessly, taking the listener on a musical and mood altering journey.

Blemish has created a new series where he fronts the RP Playlist, interviewing vibrant content creators.  This series shows his fun nature as well as his love for a broad range of music.  The RP Playlist is available as a podcast as well as here in full video.  

Blemish remarks that there is plenty in the pipeline and hints at a starring role upcoming.