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AWB featuring Megan Levine, Never Truly Alone

AWB, standing for Automatic White Balance is best known as a techno producer from Paris.  He set up Taapion records in 2013 alongside Shlomo and PVNV. An incredibly strong production unit creating music that falls into multiple genres.
Megan Levine is a singer-songwriter with a special interest in dubstep from Montreal, Quebec. Releasing Circles in 2018, Levine showed that she had a knack for creating strong tracks and has built on that with this release.

The Untouched EP holds many gems and it is well worth listening to the whole EP. Across the stars also has some stand out qualities for me, however, I’ve selected Never Truly Alone as the release of the week.  Its soft and melodic build brings a feeling of content with the dulcet vocal of Levine comfortably rising towards a crescendo.  This hits you full-on as the sweet, harmonic synth leads start to drive, leaning with an Eastern sprinkling.  It hits hard whilst maintaining a pleasing tone.  Throughout this track shows the capability of bringing you from serenity to upliftment and back to a place of peaceful serenity.

This one drops into many sets, from easy listening to dancefloor filler.  One to keep in the box!