A.G. Cook – 7G

    I’m often full of intrigue when a new album passes my way.  Once I notice it holds in excess of 14 tracks, my expectations can drop.  So, on realising that 7G holds 49 tracks, I started to listen with the intention of flicking through but found myself listening intently to track after track before excitedly anticipating what the next track was to bring.  An album full of fantastically produced splendour.  Amidst some brilliant moments of brash, in your face overdriven drums, you find moments of delicately placed sweet tones and heart warming vocals.  By this point, I have lost count of how many times I have listened to this album in its entirety, but I’m certain that there are many more listens in store.

    A.G. Cook has a few known aliases; Life Sim, QT, Lipgloss Twin and DJ Warlord.  He is a founder of PC Music and is known for his own style of hyperpop.  He was heralded in 2015 for redefining style and youth culture.  Likely to be largely in respect to his project where he took “normal” people and recorded and produced them as if they were “pop stars”.  Many projects hitting the radar of the pop stars, who wanted the treatment themselves.   Since 2019, Cook has moved to LA where he is working with many artists and where he featured as an executive producer on Charli XCX’s album.  A very interesting, understated singer and producer with an ear and a knack for producing art.  

    It’s rare that I select an album as my favourite, but 7G really holds its own.  Check out the album here:

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