As This World Burns by Just Geo

    A futuristic track that helped me to reminisce on some outstanding tracks that I used to play from producers like Air, Fantastic Mr fox and Disclosure.  Smooth with groove from the outset to the end.  One of those tracks that could be in and endless loop which you hope will never stop.  It contains a somewhat understated style, blending warped vocals with delicately warmed chords and flicks of minimal melody all on a crispy 2 step beat.
    Just Geo is a DJ and producer who holds a role as an advertising and partnership manager for Ministry of Sound.  He is part of the Capital Weekend Takeover crew and can be heard selecting weekly.  He has earned himself strong contacts in the industry building his career all the way from pirate radio in South London to maintaining a regular legal radio show and touring the world as a DJ. Just Geo has started his own creative management company which continues to display his hard work and passion for pushing sound and culture forward.  It doubles up as his label and benefits from having his solid productions to push.
    This release from Just Geo entitled As This World Burns contains three tracks that are all on fire.  I’ll be keeping an eye out to see what else comes from the label DWNTHRD (Down The Road).  

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