DJ Eggs Legs remix of King Lagoon’s Flying Swordfish Dance Band’s 100,000 Islands

    DJ Eggs Legs has a great ear for selecting and creating roots music.  His performance incorporates rhythmic tribalism, alongside Chaabi, Calypso, and power Samba on an Afro centric base.  After listening to this new remix of 100 000 Islands, I felt compelled to search back and listen to the original.  Both overflowing with authenticity.  The remix upkeeps a carnival style bounce incorporating flicks of instruments and nature sounds which keeps the track ever vibrant. 

    The inclusion of nature sounds being apt, as the original speaks of new islands being made by two creatures playing in the alternate reality of which the dance band are rulers.  Such attention to detail amidst so much purity in production style amounts to a joyful, earnest listen.

    Both the original album and the remixes with interpretations are available via Kin-Aesthetic Records.  A fantastic fit – This label prioritises and pushes artistry in all its releases. Highly focused on local talent to Brighton, where Eggs Legs can be found creating a carnival atmosphere in differing venues.

    Check out the whole fun and groove filled remix album here

    I look forward to my next journey, where this will be the Soundtrack.

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