Entangled Particles by Pinch featuring Emika

    Instantly engulfed in the dramatic atmosphere created as this track builds, it was fast apparent that Entangled Particles would be my selection for track of the week.  The opening track from Reality Tunnels, the latest release from Pinch on Tectonic Records.  As you can imagine, with this being the first track, there are many more gems to enjoy.  Listening through the full 10 tracks offers an experience in sound, exploration and boundary pushing, showcasing more brilliant features with other artists.
    This collaboration with Pinch and Emika nods to their history of friendship.  Reading Music Technology at Bath University, Emika secured an internship with Ninja Tune.  At this time, she would visit neighbouring city Bristol where she would find events created by Pinch who was also driven in pushing forward sounds.  They sat at the front of the Dubstep movement which helped greatly to lead the way for the scene.  Emika released her debut album on Ninja Tune and continues to go from strength to strength in music.,  Now living in Berlin and creating undeniable legacy in music, working with Native Instruments as a Sound Designer and having tracks feature in many mainstream areas such as films, TV shows, Playstation games and adverts for McLaren, Gucci and NBC.
    Pinch founded Tectonic Records in 2005 and always had an ear for pioneering sounds.  Releases featured artists such as Joker, Skream, Loefah, Photek, Digital Mystics, Flying Lotus, Addison Groove and 2562.  Pinch also created much sought-after music, with other great labels releasing his productions like Planet Mu, Breakbeat Science, Warp, Soul Jazz, Ninja Tune and Punch Drunk.
    Not only does Pinch continue  push the sound, his label also still massively supports ground breaking talent from all over.
    Reality Tunnels on Tectonic Records sets a high standard and is a great addition for any forward thinking collection.

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