Forest Drive West – Void Control

    It isn’t often that you find a track that you can become completely submerged in.  Void Control is a sound to which you can journey, becoming consumed in the modern day tribalism and lost in the music more than your thoughts.  There’s a consistency from the outset which effortlessly morphs, and develops at an incredibly well thought out pace to make every second of this 7 minute + track essential listening

    Originating from Brighton, Forest Drive West found his love of electronic music in the club scene.  He developed into a DJ where he took pride in selecting solid productions.  Starting on Music 2000, he began experimenting with production, self critically not releasing anything that he thought stood up to the sounds he played in his sets.  Although the club was a good zone for him to test out his production.  Still not releasing, he continued to produce due to his love of the skill, the joy of overcoming the challenge and for creating a full final project. 

    Since the requests for his music started, Forest Drive West has released drum and bass and atmospheric techno on many great labels including Livity Sound, Hidden Hawaii and Rupture London.  He now lives in East London (near Forest Drive West possibly) and continues to produce top quality music in very little spare time, as he is both a father and a teacher in computer sciences.  Perhaps why he has such a good grasp of sequencing.  In fact, he enjoys producing Euclidean rhythms like fellow computer science teacher Godfried Toussaint who founded them in 2004.

    An artist very much worth following as each track delivers a high level of quality.  His DJ sets are worth catching too.  Especially because he enjoys combing through bandcamp to find his set selections.

    Check out Forest Drive West’s bandcamp  –

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