Griffit Vigo – I Am Gqom

    Since hearing Ree’s Vibe in 2018, there is great glee when noticing anything coming from Griffit Vigo.  This latest project “I am Gqom” is a bold statement.  The release features nine heavy hitting tracks where Griffit Vigo both draws on his ancestry but also begins to mould the future of Gqom whilst upkeeping the infectious rhythm that we have become accustomed to in Gqom.

    Starting with the title track “I am Gqom” featuring Ree, the tone and tempo are set with an entrancing loop subtly ever changing hitting heavy on the low end.  We then have a clearer transportation into Griffit Vigo’s history with “Ancestral Vibes” which samples childhood memory sounds and punches hard on the beat.  This astounds with very little bass.

    “Ups and Downs” carries a stomping dance floor beat whilst mesmerising with a melody living on the edge.  “Activated Gqom 2” also smashes in this style but carries a breath sample throughout to bump the track.  The urgency picks up in “Run” powers with stripped down moments which flow with the continuous riding cymbal running through. 

    A remastered version of “Ree’s Vibe” makes a return on this project which fits perfectly and still wows.  A track that has a real industrial sound and great impact with the homely drum fills.  “Drumm Hand” has found itself remixed with Griffit Vigo’s ancestral touch which builds into a rhythmic club stepper which is filled with authenticity. 

    The project rounds off with “Shanga Dedi” and Yasizwa Les’gubhu which fittingly both encapsulate the mood of both ancestry and futurism. 
    Overall this is a great piece out on Gqom Oh! From Durban and is likely to lift dance floors worldwide.  Listen to the full release here:

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