Pensive, whilst engulfed in the awe of this piece, I question if my days of listening to distorted beats on dark basslines have now been surpassed.  Instantly taken in by the rhythmic string section, which is soon accompanied by a solitary wailing violin, Moonglades builds to a moment that nods to tickle my historical enjoyment of dark beats and bass.  Effortlessly continuing to grow into a sound of Eastern orchestral majesty, I understand why this is described as a “deeply layered intimate human experience”. 

    Raven Bush created this piece as a collaboration with the choreographer and dance artist, Coral Dolphin and the end result is clearly something to behold. 
    Raven is no stranger to collaborating and has lent his skills to score a project in combination with cinematographer Phillip Kaminiak in a creation on Nowness that looks at “the struggle to establish emotional bonds in cities that are designed to distract”.  Also performing live on stage with dance acts to create, no doubt, the perfect atmosphere.

    Bush is known for joining the brothers of Syd Arthur as the violinist and keyboardist in Canterbury back in 2003.  The psychedelic pop band’s work was well renowned, picking up acclaim from other notable artists.

    This project, out on Spitfire Audio, has an extra bonus.  The finely tuned production parts are available to obtain as a sample pack.  Surely a must have for any producer.  Raven Bush has pledged 12.5% of each sale to the Chineke Foundation. 

    Have a look –

    Check the track –

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