Petrichor, Rad Hatter remix

    Petrichor, Rad Hatter remix

    This is one of those remixes that sent me chasing back to the original by Tek Genesis and Quiet Bison to hear if the sound is just as majestic.  Rad Hatter unpicks such beauty in the orchestral build adding small electronic flicks which prepares you for the enormity of the main body.  It’s a track that walks you on an emotional journey, leaving you fulfilled and somewhat drained at the end, hoping for more. The electronics mix with the orchestral flowing strings incredibly well with apt cuts and harsh snares bringing you to an uncontrollable bop.  The touches are small, but very noticeably effective.  The harmony between electronics and orchestra are something to behold and I can’t wait to play it on a massive sound system.  Out on Division Sounds, the Rad hatter version of Petrichor is my track of the week.

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