Primal by Murlo on Coil Records

    Not only has Murlo been on an amazing journey since he started producing in 2010, but he has also provided awesome journeys for those interested in dance music.  Conceptual artwork and electronic music have been a great duo all along, however Murlo combines his creational skills in both worlds to great effect, immersing the listener into his experience, story and mind with each release.

    This latest 4 track EP, Primed for Primal, follows the high standard self set by Murlo since his Dolos project, which showed us into Murlo’s world via epic production coupled with a 36 page graphic novel about escapism.  In fact, that project followed his 2015 ‘Into The Mist’ release, where we first saw his knack for animation.  The new release of Primal has equally impressive concept art and music.  Taken in from the start with a tribal sounding bounce, which progresses into a beautifully chorded sound layered with an almost cult sounding choir.  This track leads into full pulsating vigour laden with an image of a sun worshipper becoming consumed in the aura, just as the listener is with the sound.

    I now long to have been at the club night where Murlo unleashed a 45 minute audio visual set, combining his art and music creations.  Murlo has displayed at the ICA (Institute of Contemporary Arts) and worked alongside Red Bull to showcase his music and collections.  Based in Manchester, he has toured Asia and North America several times.  Known and acclaimed for his musical tastes and excursions.  Murlo has an eclectic love of music, enjoying soca, dancehall, garage, bassline and more. Such a background led him to present a series on BBC 1xtra.

    Be sure to check this release out on Coil Records.  It is a very strong label housing producers like  Bassboy, S-Type, Conducta and Sharda.

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