Safe and Sound – Sam Day

    Drawn in quickly by a sweet tone and intriguing vocal loop.  This track goes on to build to a drop worthy of filling a festival field.  Full of sound, a massive borderline sweet synthetic chord fills the ear and takes its place in the body. Expertly accompanied with a continuous drum which makes the groove easy to step to. 

    This track would be tricky to categorise.  Sam Day, originating from Surrey, has made many different pieces under multiple aliases in styles including Chill pop, future bass, lofi and electronica.  A DJ, producer, audio engineer and artist such as this is best left uncategorised.  It is clear here that music creation is a journey of experimentation which leads to some brilliant listens. 

    This latest release, Safe and Sound is out on Above and Below’s, Below the Surface.  A great match up with a label that has a strong ethos in strengthening it’s roots in the underground, as well as shining light with some releases more above ground. Check out

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