Social Sport – Lora

    Seeing Social Sport embark on a solo pursuit with Echo Train records, this first two sided record displays an artist to be ear marked and watched.  Lora stands out for me but both tracks contain bags of atmosphere.  Instantly taken in by the smoky underground synth, this track progresses into full blown, festival shut down swing.  Strong breaks amidst stretched out beats with a warm yet dark bassline and double bleeps, what more could you want…  A well placed sample. 

    I recall DJing at a wedding and playing the remix of this that was released as a bootleg, but later on DEA, and receiving questioning glares.  If I had this mood fuelled version, I doubt anyone would have dared to glance in my direction.  I’ll keep it primed for the next unsuspecting couple that ask me to play at their special day.

    Social Sport may be better known as Will Duncan who is one half of the electronic duo TOYOTA with Tom Kerr.  Duncan is only the second artist to release on Echo Train records, a worthy continuation after the label premiered with Jaga.  The release has been recognised and embraced, already receiving reviews on Under The Radar and Something Different in New Zealand.  Surely the first of many.

    Check out the track on bandcamp –

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